• Optique à LED
  • Collimateur pour optique à LED
  • Lentille cornering pour optique à LED
  • Lentille pour optique à LED
  • Lentille pour optique à LED
  • Lentille pour optique à LED
  • Lentille speaker pour optique à LED

This new technology is being deployed rapidly in the field of automotive lighting. Now coupled with car electronics, the lights include new functionalities: they become “smart” to increase the comfort and safety of vehicles.

Under this dual influence, the lenses’ technical specifications are becoming increasingly demanding, particularly regarding shape and optical functions.

Due to its experience working with glass, its simulation resources and optical development, Holophane supports its clients in looking for competitive solutions adapted to LED technology.

The benefits of using glass for LED optics

  • A stable and optimum transmission of light, whatever the operating temperature,
  • Better light dispersion,
  • An optimum service life,
  • Une durée de vie optimale,
  • A production process adapted to the mass production of thick optical parts at competitive costs.
  • Système de marquage laser unitaire sur lentilles LED

A unitary laser marking on LED lenses

In order to offer to our customer, a « best-in-class » unitary traceability system on our LED lenses, Holophane has invested in 2020, in a laser engraving system which can now be used in serial production.

A unitary “Data Matrix Code” (DMC) is engraved on each leans manufactured on our serial lines. This technology allows Holophane to ensure and monitor a very precise traceability of our products at each key steps of our manufacturing process.

This feature has been implemented in collaboration with one of our tier-1 automotive customer as part of the development and engineering of LED lenses for a premium vehicle.

This unitary traceability is now available and offered by Holophane on all LED lenses but could be deployed to other product lines should our customers decide to extend it to other applications.