Expertise & Resources

  • Savoir-faire et moyens
  • Savoir-faire et moyens
  • Savoir-faire et moyens
  • Savoir-faire et moyens
  • Savoir-faire et moyens
  • Savoir-faire et moyens

As it is fully integrated, Holophane controls all production processes for pressed glass parts, from the supply of raw materials to client delivery.

The high level of automation ensures high quality, competitive products and mass production which can achieve several million units per year.

An R&D capacity in Europe and Asia

At our two French and Chinese sites, our multi-disciplinary teams support our clients’ projects, particularly for the design and prototyping of new products.

With various darkrooms and optical simulation tools, Holophane has modern resources adapted to optical developments.

A wide range of production methods

Historically an expert in pressed glass, Holophane has additional skills, such as thermal tempering, final polish or plastic overmoulding of glass parts (a patented process).

A network of sub-contractors completes the offering by providing surface treatment solutions: metallization, anti-glare, anti-infrared, dichroic…

Industrial facilities

  • 2 factories in France and China
  • A network of sub-contractors in Europe and Asia,
    for small-scale production or additional operations.

Sales and technical support network

Holophane has developed a sales, logistics and technical network in Europe, Asia, and North America which is local to its clients.