Social and environmental responsibility

  • Responsabilité sociétale et environnementale
  • Responsabilité sociétale et environnementale

Since its creation, Holophane has built its growth on a sustainable outlook. A century later, this corporate culture is increasingly in tune with major environmental challenges. It is based on strong values aiming to combine economic growth and sustainable development.

Environmental protection: a sustainable commitment

The glass industry requires large amounts of energy to achieve and maintain very high molten glass temperatures.

Aware of its social and environmental responsibilities, the company is committed to ongoing improvement in order to reduce its environmental impact:

  • CO2 emission: a 40% reduction in 10 years thanks to melting improvements and a recent investment in a high performance smoke filter.
  • Water consumption: 5% reduction per year for over ten years.
  • Glass: a 100% recyclable material, throughout its life, from manufacture to the finished product.

PEOPLE : a key aspect

Expertise is precious. It is the result of decades of experience. In order to preserve it and pass it on, Holophane invests in the ongoing training of its employees.

Memory: a rich history supporting the future

Nearly a century after its creation, Holophane is still supported by André Blondel's patent: glass pressing for improved light distribution. Obviously the resources and processes have changed significantly, and production is now highly automated.

The head office is still located at Les Andelys, the historic site.

In order to preserve this memory, Holophane has created an in-house museum which presents the company over time, the different products, their applications, as well as the production methods of the era.

This story, which recounts the major challenges that the company has had to face, continues to be written each day as part of a strong entrepreneurial culture.