Design & architecture

For nearly a century, Holophane has produced glass products used for decorative or architectural applications. The styling and production quality always have objectives which have led Holophane to constantly improve its processes.

Alongside the major glassmakers of the early 20th century (Lalique, Etling, Sabino...), the company is full of the “art nouveau” spirit, constantly combining technical prowess and creativity, performance and elegance.

This corporate culture is still clear in the development of highly technical glass products, combining the inalterable qualities of glass and optics for a design open to all fields.

Currently, Holophane is supported by this nearly century old tradition, but also on the discipline and tools used in the automotive industry.

Glass tile


Fred & Fred, “Lighting designers”, relied on Holophane’s expertise to industrially develop a unique concept to support a confident interior design...

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With its excellent understanding of both pressed glass and optics, Holophane develops optics solutions for spotlights.

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Glass stopper for perfume bottle

Bottle caps and cabochons

Due to its ability to manufacture complex shapes with a perfect finish, Holophane is the natural partner for luxury glass bottles where perfection is essential.

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Glass globe for lighting


For over 80 years, Holophane has provided art deco style lighting globes to major French luxury stores.

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Packaging of collectible glass marbles

Collectible marbles

During the Football World Cup in 2014, Holophane produced 2 million glass marbles with different countries’ kits...

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Fuel meter

Development of new products

A pioneer at heart, Holophane has always looked to innovate, both for products and processes...

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