Lighting & industry

Glass is used for various applications. Holophane is a manufacturer which supports industries.

Glass pressing helps provide specific shapes which cannot be produced with blown or flat glass.

Thanks to its mechanical and optical development resources, Holophane can support its clients with their technical projects.

Meter with glass cover

Meter covers

Thanks to its expertise and ability to work with glass of different thicknesses, Holophane is the partner of the main meter manufacturers.

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Solar concentrator for solar plant


Pressed glass and Holophane technology helps create solar concentrators for solar plants which are resistant to very high temperatures.

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Light for street lighting

Éclairage urbain

A historic leader in this market, Holophane has developed production processes which allow it to offer optimised lighting for street lights combining design and strength for increased durability.

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Lens for LED lighting

LED lighting

Lighting is one of Holophane’s historical business lines, providing its clients with competitive optical solutions adapted to LED technology.

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