LED lighting

  • Lentille pour éclairage LED
  • Collimateur pour éclairage à LED
  • Lentille pour éclairage LED
  • Concentrateur 1 sortie pour éclairage à LED
  • Lentille street pour éclairage LED

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology is revolutionising the lighting sector. Providing improved durability, lower consumption and better electronic control, it is becoming widely used in the industry.

Lighting is one of Holophane’s historical business lines, providing its clients with competitive optical solutions adapted to LED technology, for example light collimators or concentrators.

For LED applications, glass has numerous advantages, particularly when compared to plastic, such as:

  • A stable and optimum transmission of light, whatever the operating temperature,
  • A reduced thermal expansion coefficient,
  • An optimum service life,
  • A production process adapted to the mass production of thick optical parts.