Meter covers

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Water meters are used to measure water consumption which is then billed by water distribution companies.

These are therefore precise, standardised devices which must maintain performance for many years, without maintenance, often in a difficult environment (outdoors, humid weather).

The glass covers on the water meter must be free of faults in order to support the mechanical setting in the body of the meter and to ensure that it remains watertight for many years.

The glass tempering provided through the Holophane process, reinforces resistance to attacks and fraud in particular. Different functions, such as optical reading and laser calibration, lead to different thicknesses of glass being combined over several square centimetres of surface area.

Thanks to a controlled and fully automated pressing process, Holophane is able to provide its clients with this precision at industrial levels as several million units are provided each year.

Thanks to this control, Holophane has become a world leader in the supply of glass meter covers.